— Advantage and Disadvantage of a POS Machine in India —

What is the pos machine:

The pos machine in India is which electronic machine those solve our payment-related problems. This machine mostly uses for debit card payment or credit card payment.

The advantage of the pos machine:

1. This machine is totally cash free machines. these machines provide you cash free because you can pay from debit cards and credit cards.

2. It became helps to India cashless another way we can say cash free India.

3. these machine helps to stop any corruption. Because this machine connected the internet server.

4. This machine stops any tax related problems.

5. You can easily do your business for any kind of cash issues.

The disadvantage of the pos machine:

This machine is very useful but because this machine is an electronic machine so it has some disadvantage.

1. It is easy to use but all people can't use this machine.

2. These machines are not popular for general peoples.

3.you use these machine very beware.

4. bank charge and recovery the tax from you when you use these machines.

5. For this machine uses you compulsory have your bank account without bank account you can't operate this machines.

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